ImageI stood there, all alone watching the droplets of rain trickling down the window glass. Staring at the vastness ahead, I had no clue. It wasn’t the soft breeze that swayed by me…it wasn’t the chattering of the rain droplets, it wasn’t the loud thunder…it was something else that bore the unusual power to shatter my senses altogether. At times, I was flooded around by thoughts .At times, I was as blank as a plain white canvas.

An unknown fear drifted in the air surrounding me. It was a single question that ran along the entire length and breadth of my mind “should I do it..?” To make a decision meant walking back to those good old days. But destined to live in a world that embraces changes, I was afraid about my chances to succeed. I could hear the conscience in me shouting “do it, friend.” And me? .Yeah.I wanted to do it, yet there was an unknown reluctance. But from where does it originate? God! Only if could find it. I felt as if I was thrown to ground by a wind that I had never known before. The area was swirling in dust so intense that it hid my senses. ”Why, What, How”…Questions were thrown to me from directions unknown and I was caught amidst all of it, totally speechless..Unable to bear these atrocities any longer, I gathered all the power in the universe and shouted “not anymore…” Slowly, I closed my eyes. I could feel two tear drops trickling down my cheeks and I knew I was crying…

Finally, after hours of prolonged darkness and silence, I woke up to sunshine. While trying to walk again through those old trodden paths, my mind resembled to that of an octogenarian in search of his long lost friend. The previous night was that of permutations and combinations .Finally I have chosen my destination. With confidence, determination and satisfaction, I looked around. I could sense an air of serenity around me. Upon realizing that it’s time for me to start, I simply smiled, took out a letter pad from the cupboard and started to write. Yes, there were butterflies all around….




  1. Anoop Jose Perunilam says:

    I cn c tis whole pastry made f words frm ta heart ready 2 b cut, melting in front f me….n wel i dip ma fingr nto it and taste it…well…yummy….yummy…i shud say, u’ve made it great addin a prfct cup of fylngs…
    Yea….”nxt tym, i’m going 4 a biiiig piece”—“M GNNA READ IT AGAIN”…

  2. cupitonians says:

    You have such a way with words. Such a pleasure reading your posts! Beautiful! Can’t wait to read more!

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