Faulkner’s Light in August and Beginnings

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The word “August” has many meanings, and William Faulkner uses all of them and the accompanying symbolism in Light in August (1932).  I was struck by his use of the word, as both a month and as something delayed or ending.  Yet the title, in coupling the word August with “light” suggests that endings can be a good thing or that when one thing ends another begins.  I’m not sure of all of the meanings we could make from the novel, but I will try to explain my thoughts.

light in august by william faulkner


I must say that I’ve never been a fan of Faulkner’s work.  I find it intimidating and hard to read and understand, as I wrote about here.  I have trouble focusing when I read one of his novels, and I often miss good chunks of the plot because of this.  He’s known for stream-of-consciousness writing and dense run-on sentences. …

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