A New testament of hope..


Strapped to this office chair, my mind opts for a journey down the hill; all set for an introspection, seeking those faces and places that embellish the life’s canvas. World is best described as an ephemeral inn making us a mere spectator of the mass influx and exodus that happen quite monotonously. People come and go, and rarely a very few leave immortal impressions somewhere in the unknown corners of our heart.  Love, happiness, sympathy, hatred, distress….emotions of multitude kind is what they gift us for a life time. Ever thought of the major rest who move past us, every single day? With anonymity taking the main lead, isn’t it true that the world is a hostile place to live in? Isn’t it paradoxical to call it a small world when we are still not very sure about our next door neighbor? Living in a much digitally aided, shrunken world, is it that we too have a much shrunken perspective?

With distance no longer an obstruction to communication, they call it a world of better affinity and relations. Counted amongst the biggest of blessings is technology, the savior that lets relations a reality. But, having fallen a prey to masked intentions and prejudiced strategies, the savior often becomes an abuse. The humorous anomaly of living in a relational world that heeds no attention to relations makes me bewildered. Here being impressionistic is all what matters .It compels us to be self centered, completely unconcerned of those around us, their feelings and emotions and the endless list of our commitments towards them.

Completely unaware of that very urge that planted these strange thoughts in me, I must say, it made me sit back, pause and ponder for a while. Though with a little pain, I realize, my commitments to the people around me, are not confined to, but invasive than what I could ever assume. Right from that unknown lady who nursed me as a newborn to that pantry boy who served me coffee a little while ago, my obligations are boundless. The list never ends anywhere; instead it grows enormously each second.

The unstated but fundamental principal of human life lies in it’s inter dependent, inter linked and inter related nature. Imagine the plight of living all alone in this world, with none to offer you a helping hand, none to communicate, none to be with. It would have been just another place; devoid of love and harmony, brotherhood and peace. Suffused with war and materialism, it would make us blind to recognize our fellow beings.

Perhaps it is because of the flooded thoughts; I can sense darkness all around me. Aspiring for a little streak of light, what fills in my mind is a new testament of hope. As rightly said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that…Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  Together, let’s learn to value our relations and commitments. Together let’s be passionate to our fellow beings, let’s respect them for what they are. Together, let’s strive to make this world a better place to live in. Light awaits us at the other end of the tunnel.



One thought on “A New testament of hope..

  1. Kuuuuuuuuuul..you know what that means !
    We seem to be breeding a generation of floating-babas who only bond on-line. Our country, once considered a cradle of sociality,has drifted past the stage of plugging the leaks. And yea,the far-fetched goes even far looking at the telecast. The sight of the sea from the bedroom is a priority when compared to “knowing the next door player” ( liked that point of yours describing people with the unknown neighbour). Let’s make an effort to explore side(blood)lines.,

    Rating : Your best post so far. !!!!!!!!

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