For the sunshine in their faces

I never knew that a “Duo Antakshari session” could create such a great impact on my mother.Defined as “silly and immature game”; it was yet another whimsical idea of mine to kill time on a Sunday evening. The whole plot staged almost a week ago when i asked my mom “shall we play?”. It was raining heavily outside, accompanied with loud thunders and as always, this time too she had advised me not to use either the T.V, computer or Cell phone (well, as is customary at home during thunder and lightning). But did I expect a “yes” to my naive invitation to play? Or did I expect an answer at all? I doubt.It was a question. And just that. The extreme dullness in the surrounding air had prompted me to go for such a crazy question. But to whom???  My mother? Having put forth such a weird question, i felt a bit sympathetic to myself. It isn’t the age to play-at least with your mom.

 “So here we go! I’ll start the game”- did I hear it wrong? No! I could see mom sitting in the opposite couch, facing me, all set to play. As always, this time too, she has surprised me – not just with a “yes” to my invitation, but with an additional stimulus to initiate the game. It must be her interest in the game, or the fond memories of her prime days, she was happy and excited! Fifty years had not made any significant differences in her. Neither another fifty could. Was it not the same energy and enthusiasm of a rebellious teenager, there was an extra ingredient that evidently made her a step ahead of me all through the game.

She did win the game. A well deserved victory for a true game lover. But beyond the spirit of game, beyond the urge to win, the happiness in her eyes made me realize that I was never less than a real winner. It was the same glimmer that used to decorate papa’s eyes while seeing me at the arrival lounge of railway station. Such innocent glimmers are hard to find. Once found, they stay imprinted in our minds forever.

 I realize that time has flown quickly past me- making me grow beyond the safe boundaries of home. As life evolved into newer dimensions each day, I met heights, passion, obsession and materialism at various crossroads. Life did move on. Life did move away – from home, parents and those simplest of moments that brought sunshine to their faces.

We are a generation with chains all around – chains of dreams to become big. Whether knowingly or not, it drags us away from the little shell called home; the mindless laughter and petty quarrels that define it; the joy , warmth and shelter that it can offer; the priceless value of relations.

Perhaps, it’s time for us to opt for a journey down the hill – to realize that our stories and accomplishments rest upon those of our mothers and fathers- cemented strong upon the water of their lives. May be, years later, we would understand that those little streaks of sunshine we brought on their faces were the biggest of accomplishments that we have ever made in our lives.


29 thoughts on “For the sunshine in their faces

  1. Simply magical because you made me think of my parents..Miles and miles away, I doubt what they would be doing now. As rightly mentioned, materialism brought me where i’m right now.Looking at the clock, i realize it must be nearly dusk out there at home- a flight of about 14 hours from here can take me there-for sure, I would ring them today.

  2. kid, you made me cry! Don’t know what your age is..but you are a great daughter for sure.

  3. Harsha says:

    Home Sweet Home..No matter how many miles we are away from our Parents they are the real Gem we have in our life..Staying away from them for almost 8 years I know how it feels..The look on their face when they come to receive me at the station is just for lifetime and I feel the pain when I see tears in my Mom’s Eye when I leave them..The Kiss my mom plant on my forehead everytime I leave them is just like a blessing I want to have forever.. 😀

    What a lovely post Susmy… 😀 and I am sure your Parents are proud of you.. 😀

    • At four or forty, we are always the same for our parents.I can very well relate to your pain of moving away from the home and hometown – after all home is where the heart is..

      Thanks a ton Harsha…Appreciation from a blogger like you is indeed the best..

  4. annetbell says:

    What a lovely writer you are! Many thanks for the follow. I hope you will return again soon and often. Namaste. . . . . .

  5. I know exactly what it means…the shell as you aptly described…that place which is my home, which now is ceasing to be home…. 😦

  6. richardmax22 says:

    I only saw my father tear up twice. One when at the airport when I left for farm league baseball back east, and the second when I left for the military. He tried to act tough, but he sometimes wasn’t very good at it.

  7. Angeline M says:

    Wonderful post. What memories and emotion it evokes.

  8. davidprosser says:

    What a fascinating game you played with your mother.This is a wonderful post showing love of parents for a child without a word spoken, and love of the child for the parents. When I see this I know something is right in the world. Namaste.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  9. 86gauri says:

    Loved the post…Playing Antakshari huddled together in the darkness during the rainy season is one of my favorite childhood memories too.Coincidentally I too wrote about it sometime ago on my blog –
    Thought you might like to give it a read 🙂

  10. shanuwater says:

    Mmm, thinking of my dad now passed, he was forever young although his body was worn, his mind young, alive and still could slap down dominoes with the best of them. Thanks for lighting the flame.

  11. It’s the little changes that will make the most significant changes. Many thanks for sharing!|

  12. This was very moving. We sometimes take our parents for granted, think of them as pillars of stone. They deserve our affection.

  13. If we are not walking on the tops of our parents and ancestors feet, I’m not so certain we are walking in this world. Thanks for the reminder! – Renee

  14. Susmy ! Always game 😉

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