For HIM!!!


Walking the everyday road of life, I’ve met him rather often.

At times a rebel, an untimely visitor, a firebrand; at times a surprise, a blessing, a catalyst.

I saw him knocking at my doorsteps at unexpected hours.

I could sense his shadow growing and trailing behind me everyday.

Just as anybody for that matter, stubborn I was initially to the transformations that he brought in, but comically defenseless when they hit me.

No matter how hard I try, he continued to follow me. Devoid of an alternative, I finally opted to surrender.

I was perplexed at his pace and wilderness initially; but with the passage of time,I could see myself growing bold and matured to face his pranks.

Embracing the differences that he made in me, I continued to move ahead.

This must be an epilogue of my story.A prologue of what lies ahead of me.

He was good to me; he was kind enough. I know he has made me a different individual altogether.

Yet,I wish and pray – ” oh, change! never stop by my life again! I’ve become a slave to what I’m now. I’m addicted to the way my life is. Oh change! Go away from me. Let me be just this- Nothing more. Nothing less…